Return Trip to Honduras – Nov 2012

Futbol for Kids returned for a second trip to Honduras, focusing this time exclusively in Copan. During the trip many soccer balls were delivered to kids living in rural villages surrounding Copan. During the trip Futbol for Kids organized a soccer game with the local kids (check out our cool video of game) which was awesome. The game ended 1-1 and the kids had a blast! Futbol for Kids also donated some portable soccer goals for the kids – the kids loved bursting the net when scoring!

After the game Frisbee’s were handed out and the Futbol for Kids team took photo’s using an instant camera – the kids really enjoyed seeing their pictures instantly developed directly from the camera.

In conjunction to handing our soccer balls, the Futbol for Kids team installed water filters for families that enabled them to have access to clean drinking water. Many of the same families also do not have access to electricity so they were also given solar flashlights.

Everyone at Futbol for Kids wants to thank everyone for their support and generosity as this trip would not have happened without you.

Trip to Honduras – Nov 2011

Futbol for Kids has just returned from its first official to Honduras. During the trip, the Futbol for Kids team first visited San Pedro Sula and met kids living in Shelters and orphanages. During the visit each kids was given a soccer ball. After San Pedro Sula, the Futbol for Kids Team visited Copan and traveled to many rural villages. At each village, the Futbol for Kids Team handed out soccer balls and spent hours playing soccer. Be sure to check out the pictures and video.

During the visit to Copan, the Futbol for Kids Team installed many water filters that provided clean drinking water as well as solar flashlights. Many of the families that do not have clean drinking water also do not have access to electricity.

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So happy to share that the soccer balls and t-shirts we sent to the Watoto WA Africa Orphanage in Tanzania arrived yesterday.