“COMPLETED” – Copan, Honduras

Event Date: 2 Oct 2017

*** UPDATE***

I’m very excited to confirm that we returned from a very successful 3rd trip to Honduras. Check out our delivered page for more information. Special thanks to every for helping make this trip happen.

Futbol For Kids is pleased to announce our 3rd trip to Honduras on October 2nd.

During this trip, Futbol For Kids will also donate for the first time Luci Lights, Life Straws and Senda Soccer Balls.

Luci Lights are the ideal light solution as they are both light-weight and water proof. Each Luci light provides 15 sq ft of light and only requires 6-hrs to fully charge. Once fully charged they can provide 12 hours of soft light or 6 hours of stronger light.

Once the sun goes down, many families are forced to use kerosene which is both expensive and dangerous. For families that can’t afford the kerosene, their kids can’t read and/or do homework which impacts their ability to attend and/or complete school work. Luci Light is a game changer!

Access to clean water is a serious issue in Honduras – many kids get sick and/or die from dirty water. Life Straws are ideal for individual use as they remove 99.9% of waterborne bacteria, including E. coli, salmonella and waterborne protozoa, including Giardia and Cryptosporidium. The only alternative to filtered water is to boil the water which families don’t do as it uses much needed fire wood. Therefore families are forced to drink dirty water.

Life Straw also provides different versions including the Life Straw Mission which will provide clean water for the entire family or the Community Life Straw that is ideal for schools and orphanages.

Soccer Balls bring so much joy to the kids. The excitement that we experience when we hand out the soccer balls and the hours of fun playing soccer can not be explained in words. These kids live tough lives yet something as simple as a soccer ball lets them forget their daily struggles.

At Futbol For Kids, we want to buy and support Senda Athletic Soccer Balls.

Reason – Senda Athletics believes in Fair Trade and provides living wages to workers making premium quality soccer balls, giving them the freedom to focus on craftsmanship. These are the values that are in line with Futbol For Kids.

Finally, School Supplies are a welcome addition. Futbol For Kids delivers soccer balls to orphanages and rural schools and many do not have a supply of pens, note pads, markers etc… On this trip we will supply a local school in Copan, Honduras.

Futbol For Kids focuses on the colonial town of Copan in Northern Honduras. While famous for it’s Mayan Ruins, Copan unfortunately has an extremely high poverty level. Too many families do not have electricity and/or clean water and many kids are forced to work all day to earn with their parents just enough to buy food. Therefore kids do not go to school and kids are trapped in a cycle of little to no future.

With your support we hope to change that and give the kids a hope for the future. Please help by donating below and supporting us by sharing our story and goals on your social media.

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