“COMPLETED” – Penalty Shoot Out

Event Date: 26 Aug 2017

*** UPDATE***

I’m very excited to confirm that we successfully had our first Team Zev and FFK Penalty Shoot Out. The event was held over 2-days and the turn out was great. Special thanks to every for participating

Futbol For Kids and Team Zev will be holding it’s first Penalty Shoot-Out on Aug 26th and 27th.

Team Zev is a group of committed soccer fans/players who play every weekend – rain or shine and are dedicating to changing kids lives one soccer ball at a time!

I’ve been playing soccer with Zev and friends in Irvington, NY for over 15-years and we have players from all over the globe – Europe, Asia, Africa and North, South and Central America.

We all love soccer, and through the Penalty Shoot Out our goal is to raise awareness of those less fortunate while raising some money to purchase soccer balls for the distribution in Honduras this October. For more information on our upcoming trip to Honduras click here.

Many of us remember how wonderful it was to play soccer as a kid and we’re all excited to participate in the Penalty Shoot-Out so we can give back to those less fortunate.

After the event we’ll post pictures and present a trophy to our first ever Team Zev Penalty Shot “Champion”.


Saturday – Aug 26th @ 9.00am

Each player takes a single penalty. You score you advance, you miss you’re out.

Sudden death until there is one player left. The winner advances to the final on Sunday Aug 27th to take-on the winner from Sunday.

Sunday – Aug 27th @ 9.00am

Same as Saturday – Sudden death until there is one player left.

FINAL: Each finalist takes 5 penalties each. The player with the most goals wins. If it’s a tie after 5 penalties there will be sudden death until we have a winner.


Donations – please feel free to donate any dollar amount – either during the event or by clicking on the donate button now. If you have lightly used kids soccer tops or kids sneakers that you would like to donate please feel free to bring them to the event.

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