Soccer is more than just a fun, popular worldwide sport. Soccer can effect a positive social change that allow us to cross all geographic, ethnic and religious boundaries.

Soccer is unique, it’s a universal language that can bring everyone together regardless of their differences.

It’s fairly safe to assume almost everyone knows of, played or has watched a game of soccer. We’ve followed our teams for a lifetimes, enjoyed rivalries and watched super-stars score magic goals, but rarely do we hear about the more important values and the ability for soccer to effect positive social change.

Soccer brings people together, it encourages teamwork and teaches people important life lessons about hard work, dedication and relying on others. Perhaps more importantly, soccer can help to keep kids off the streets and away from drugs and violence.

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Around the globe, soccer is a way of life. For many kids soccer is part of their daily life. From sun up to sun down kids would player soccer. The lucky ones had a soccer ball, others improvised making a soccer ball from anything they could get their hands on – old plastic bags wrapped in twine. Some were just happy kicking around an empty water bottle!

To promote and help our kid’s development, we must bet on sports. Allowing kids to play soccer in school – particularly in areas of poverty where kids do not have access to a sports infrastructure or physical education program— is an investment for life.

Beyond soccer in schools, teachers can educate kids on good hygiene habits such as hand-washing which can have significant public health benefits.

What will it take to make a difference? To work with local organizations, schools and sports groups with a message to promote the distribution of soccer balls that encourages kids to attend school will make a difference in the lives of kids around the world. Together, we can do it.

Help us deliver soccer balls to families globally