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Supporting Kids and Animals in the same Community

After several trips to Honduras and recently to Peru, we’ve been able to help many kids and their families by donating soccer balls, shoes, water filters and solar powered lights.

On our most recent trips my kids participated and interacted with the local communities we visited. My son is a huge soccer fan and really enjoys interacting with the kids and donating the soccer balls. However, in the eyes of my 11-year old daughter there was something missing.

As an animal lover, she asked me can we help any endangered animals on our next trip! My immediate response was absolutely!

She loves big cats, primates and absolutely adores Giant Panda’s!

To foster my daughter’s passion, we’ll have separate fundraising events to help the local endangered animals in Honduras and Peru.

In Honduras and Peru, animals such as the Howler Monkey, Giant Anteater and Andean Mountain Cats are on the endangered list.

On our next trips to Peru and Honduras we hope to donate and help these amazing animals. My daughter will also work hard to raise additional funds to help protector Giant Panda’s and Snow Leopards.

Help Us Save Endangered Animals


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5 Things We Can Do To Protect Endangered Animals

The one thing we all fail to see is the big picture.  As humans, we’re only just beginning to understand the interconnectedness of everything that supports life, a web that is so complex and interdependent.

The food chain, from the tiniest little microorganisms to the largest creatures on earth, keep us humans alive. 

1.       Educate your family and friends about endangered animals.

2.       Recycle and buy sustainable products.

3.       Volunteer your time to protect the wildlife in your area.

4.       Do not buy illegal Animal Parts such as Ivory etc.

5.       Do not purchase products from companies that are known polluters.

There is so much we can be doing to protect these animals and vulnerable species from extinction, but we must make these changes now.  

The message is incredibly simple: if we don’t make a change now the only wildlife future children will know or see will be statues in a museum or pictures online.

So let’s stop exploiting and start protecting, today!

Help Us Save Endangered Animals