Honduras – Nov 2017

Delivered Date: 2 Nov 2017

Futbol for Kids is excited to confirm we just recently returned from a successful 3rd trip to Honduras.

On this trip we focused on just 2 villages – Sania and La Pintada. Combined both villages are home to circa 120 families many living without clean drinking water or electricity.

Both villages are 30mins drive from Copan, a large tourist destination – popular for their spectacular Mayan Ruins. Yet most never see the poverty found just a short drive away.

Each village have run down schools and Futbol For Kids helped by supplying them with notepad, pens, pencil, markers and crayons.

La Pintada is not accessible by car so we had to go on horseback for the first half of the journey and then hike through the jungle for the second half. Once there we played soccer with the kids, purchases some local trinkets before visiting some local villagers who make local Mayan garments using traditional methods.

In Sania, we met with local missionaries and villagers and delivered soccer balls, water filter, solar powered lights, school supplies and hand sanitizers. No trip would be complete without a game of soccer. The kids loved the game and despite playing in the mud (see below footnote) we had a blast – best of all the kids got to keep all the soccer balls.

• Futbol For Kids is planning future trips to both villages to help re paint the schools, supply laptops and more school supplies and to re surface the soccer field in Sania to provide a safe, fun and all year round playing surface.