• Location: Copan, Western Honduras
  • Impact: Local schools and over 100 families in 2 villages
  • Dates Visit: 2011, 2013, 2017, 2018
  • Next Trip: TBA 2021
  • Program Details: Futbol For Kids works with the local schools in the villages of La Pintada and Sania. We continue to deliver soccer balls, solar powered lanterns and water filters with the latter being of concern due to a lack of clean drinking water which leads to a higher than average level of child sickness due to unclean water. Our trips also include providing the school with school supplies basic medical supplies. Future trips will include donating clothes and schools. Too many kids in Honduras spend each day barefoot and this leads to soil transmitted diseases. Our ultimate goal is to explore and build an all year round soccer field in each village that ensures kids attend school but also a safe soccer environment for them to play!
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